Elmar Weiss, born and raised in Gladbeck, Germany, is a freelance photographer. Due to business reasons he moved to Munich, Bavaria in the south of Germany. He started his career as a mechanical engineer working with a renowned German car manufacturer, but has pursued his photography – which started as a mere hobby – to a professional level. From 2012 on he decided to register his business. Despite his serious aspirations he has not lost what makes the pure fun in photography: The love for taking pictures and the love for working with people!

Elmar´s work is focused on photographing people for fashion, editorial, beauty and commercial commissions. With extreme attention to detail he produces innovative imagery with every single frame, consistently going above and beyond his clients‘ expectations.

His free projects are often dedicated to analogue photography, for which he uses 35mm and medium format cameras as well as old Polaroid cameras. This kind of old school photography teaches to focus on one single shot and to work with the models together more precisely. This perfectionism you can find in Elmar´s digital photos as well.